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Privacy Policy - ShopBeautyfash
What info do you collect?

When you order from ShopBeautyFash or subscribe to our newsletter, we collect certain information. This includes your name, email address, phone number, billing and shipping addresses, and credit card details.

What is the data used for?

When you provide us with this information, it allows us to process and ship your order. Rest assured, we will not sell, exchange, or transfer your personal details to any person or organization for any reason. In fact, you can omit your details from our list at any time by contacting:

How do you protect my personal details?

One of our highest priorities is ensuring your information is safeguarded, so we have various securities in place to keep it completely private and confidential. For example, our checkout process uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)\* technology to insure your safety.

\*Secure Sockets Layer works by encrypting your personal details and sending it to a secure server where it is impossible for your information to be decoded by any outside parties.

Additionally, may use cookies to enrich your user experience. Your web browser places cookies on your computer, which helps your browser (and stores like us) gain a clearer understanding of your interests. However, you can set your browser to refuse cookies. Cookies like these do not collect your personal information.

Google Analytics: With this cookie, we can review details regarding our website’s user activities, including page views, sources, and time spent on our site. This allows us to review what products and other content is trending on our site and provide you with even more of what you love. To protect your privacy, this data is depersonalized, which means it can’t be tracked to our shoppers, and it appears to us only as numbers.

Google AdWords: This code allows us to determine what pages lead to a sale so we use our paid search budget wisely to bring you the most relevant content.

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